Collection: The Beginning of The Erde

With each product at The Erde, the plastic waste come from various 3D printing projects that were done at Siege Advanced Manufacturing. Here's a background on the Blue, Wood-Infused and White filament that were used in The Erde's very first collection, 'The Beginning of The Erde', so that you know what they were before they became earrings! :

Children's Day 3D Prints


Blue Filament

The blue filament used in this collection come from a recent project for Children's Day presents as requested by a school teacher. Customised rulers with the students' names were manufactured to be given as presents to the kids. And yes, these rulers are to scale and actually usable in the classroom!

3D Printing Wood Filament


Wood-Infused Filament

Wood-infused filament is unique as it gives the 3D prints a special texture and colour that resembles wood. The plastic filament in this is literally infused with wood, hence giving this characteristic. However, due to this, it also causes the prints to be much more brittle than normal, and was found to be unsuitable for many prints. Hence, the filament was rejected and redundant till we repurposed them into earrings.

DSTA FaceProtect+ 3D Prints


White Filament

White is a very basic colour and used on a daily basis for all sorts of prints. Some of them are internal parts that don't require any particular colour, while others are white so that they can be painted on after. No matter the reason, white material is used up at a very fast rate, which leads to white being the highest amount out waste generated.

The prints pictured here are DSTA's FaceProtect+ face shields that we had produced during the Circuit Breaker period for COVID.

We try to use white in most of our products at The Erde so as to counter this build up of waste.


We hope that this quick background gives you a little more insight in the earrings that you wear, and now you know the story behind this collection's repurposed products!