How It's Done

Before reading this, you may want to read 'Where Does Our Plastic Waste Come From?' to understand the source of our plastic waste first.


Now that you know how these plastic waste come about, here's a brief introduction to the process behind our creation of the products at The Erde.

3D Printing Filament Waste


Accumulation of Plastic Waste

Waste from the 3D printing process occurs daily, mostly from the insufficient leftover filament or support materials. Instead of throwing them all out, we accumulate the waste for use in The Erde's products.

For now, we are only using the leftover filament, which are roughly standard in size but differing in colour. This allows us to break them down into smaller pieces the same way, yet having some variations in their colour.

Cutting 3D Printing Filament Waste


Breaking Down into Smaller Pieces

Although the plastic filament are rather thin and looks easy to be broken down, they are made of plastic and has some elasticity to them. We cut them bit by bit, all by hand, into much smaller pieces. Due to their plastic nature, they are actually quite difficult and painful to manually cut piece by piece!

These smaller pieces are then stored separately by colour and used in the different products at The Erde.

Earrings 01


Using Resin & Putting it Together

Resin is then used to hold all the pieces together. Being transparent, resin also allows the waste plastic to be clearly seen when worn. This allows clarity in the material that goes into the product.

Finally, all pieces are joined together with metal parts and hooks, and the plastic waste has now been turned into something productive once again!